Ignou B.ed Course Admission Entrance exam

IGNOU is an Autonomous Body functioning in India. An Act of Parliament established it in 1985. Its objective is to educate the masses out there with liberal admission procedures, unlike conventional Universities. Ignou B.ed admission is launched With A focus of generating more and more Teachers in India, so that those Trained Teachers can educate more million students of India, living in villages and towns of the vast country.

For the profession of Teachers, it is not enough if they have only academic qualifications alone. Educating young minds needs more skills, patience, understanding the value of educating children with professional competencies.

To prepare the Graduates and those working as Teachers already in Primary Schools, the IGNOU conducts purposeful Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) Courses.

The specialty of these Courses is they are made available through Distance Education Programs, obviating the necessity for the learners to migrate from their place and come to New Delhi. All over India, there are facilities to join the B.Ed. Courses of IGNOU through Correspondence Course, study and appear the Annual Exams to get the Degree.

How is this best for working Teachers?

Igmou — Indira Gandhi National Open University Bachelor of Education B.ed Course is for Teachers who are already working in schools and wish to enhance their career opportunities brighter!

This Open University Distance Education facility system of B.Ed Course is a real boon for persons already working as Teachers in Primary Schools, without appropriate teacher training certificates. This handicap will prevent them from getting a promotion to higher classes in High Schools and earn more.

Once they obtain B.Ed, degree Certificate, it will be the stepping stone for studying further from IGNOU or any other University, and achieving Master of Education (M.Ed.) or any other Research Courses in Universities, etc.

Eligibility for Admission for IGNOU B.Ed. Course:

First, there is no age limit for joining this B.Ed. Course for working Teachers. A Bachelors Degree or any other higher degree from a recognized University is needed for Non-Teachers.

For working Teachers, they should have served a minimum of 2 years as full-time Teachers in Primary, Secondary Grade Schools or as Graduate or Post Graduate Teachers.

Ignou B.ed Entrance Examination:

IGNOU conducts Entrance Examination for joining this B.Ed. Course. Candidates passing this Entrance Examination will only get admitted to B.Ed. Course, along with fulfilling other eligibility criteria like work certificate, etc.

Preparation by B.ed Admission Delhi for Entrance Examination:

B.ed Admission Delhi is a well-experienced Educational Institution for the last 25 years. They are helping the student community for Ignou B.Ed Course to all aspiring students, mainly working Teachers, this organization extends a helping hand. The aspiring candidates need only approach B.ed admission Delhi and tell them their wishes in this regard.

The trained professionals in Education will come forward in getting the candidate admitted for the Correspondence Course of IGNOU B.Ed. Course, getting them Admission Card and Hall Ticket for Entrance Examination, and other subsequent Examinations.

The sure-shot route for joining IGNOU B.Ed Courses for working Teachers is approaching B.ed admission Delhi at once!




B.ed admission in Delhi for B.ed From MDU, B.ed from CRSU, and B.ed From Kurukshetra University.

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Bed Admission

Bed Admission

B.ed admission in Delhi for B.ed From MDU, B.ed from CRSU, and B.ed From Kurukshetra University.

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